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Shameen Adams Versa Gripp Pro Size guide

The Shameen Adams Versa Gripps Pro units come in four sizes:

The size is determined based on the circumference of your wrist.

Extra Small: Smaller than 15cm wrist (Generally for ladies with tiny wrists)

Small: 15cm – 18cm wrist (Generally works for most ladies)

Regular / Large: 18cm – 20cm wrist (Generally works for most guys)

Extra Large: Bigger than 20cm wrist (Generally for guys with big wrists)

If your wrist measures 18cm, it is better to get a Regular / Large.

If your wrist is straddles two different sizes, eg: Your wrist is 18cm in circumference, then take the bigger size.

Each size is designed to cater for a range of wrist circumference through the use of an adjustable Velcro strap.

As a general rule, if you are a lady, you will use a Small. If you are a guy, you will use a Regular/Large. Adjust up or down if you have bigger or smaller wrists.

The size of your unit depends ONLY on the circumference of your wrist; not your gender, nor the size of your hand. All Gripps have the same length palm grip piece.

To determine the correct size for your Versa Gripps, wrap a tape measure or piece of non-stretchable string all the way around your wrist (directly over your wrist bone) and measure the circumference of your wrist.

Below is an example of a wrist slightly under 18cm. In this case the athlete chose to go for a Regular / Large.

Your wrist size will match up with the correct size you should be wearing.

Remember that Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not too tightly) around the base of your hand. When worn with a proper fit, you’ll be able to easily rotate them around to the back of your hand when they are not in use. They are not designed to fit tightly around the wrist while doing a pulling exercise. 

Your Gripps should be secure around your wrist but in the case of pulling exercises, they should actually be loose enough to land at the base of your hand. When worn correctly, the pressure is not on your wrist but is evenly distributed across the base of your hand. 

YourGripps will not damage your hands or wrists by over-tightening the way that a strap would. They will not restrict blood flow, movement, nor will they damage nerves. 

How far up on my extended hand should the top of the Gripp extend?

After putting on Gripps, hold your palm up facing you. The top of the gripping palm piece should land just above the first knuckle of your index and middle finger, from the base of your fingers. If you want it to be longer, simply loosen the wrist strap slightly and slide the end of the gripping portion toward the tips of your fingers.

Is it best to size up or size down?

My wrists are 18cm in circumference, but I’m not sure if I should get a Small or a Regular/Large?

It is better to size up.

Each size can be made looser or tighter by using the adjustable Velcro wrist strap, so there is a degree of play on each size.

I have large hands and small wrists. Should I go with a small size or a larger size?

The Shameen Adams Pro Versa Gripps sizing is based on the size of your wrist only. The grip palm piece size remains constant throughout all four sizes.