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May 27, 2019 3 min read

Gripps, gloves, and straps are all things you put on to help you train, but they all offer very different benefits for very different prices.

Of course I recommend Gripps, but they’re also the most expensive option. Why pay all that money when gloves and straps are cheaper? Don’t they do the same thing?

Of course not. Gloves and straps are kak compared to Gripps. Let me tell you why.


Gloves are gloves. They won’t enhance your performance in the gym much, no matter what the ads say. They give you a little bit more grip on the bar, they’ll prevent calluses, and your wedding ring won’t get scratched, but that’s about it.


Much like Versa Gripps, straps are made to take the weight off your hands and grip, letting you hold on to heavier weights for longer. Your grip strength will naturally increase as your overall strength increases, but there will come a point where it just won’t be able to keep up with the massive muscles in your back and posterior chain.

Straps are usually about 30cm long and made out of cotton, with a loop on one end. You thread one end through the loop and cinch them around your wrists. Then you wrap the loose ends around the bar a few times to lock it in and lift. The straps put some of the weight on your wrists, reducing grip fatigue.

Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps were inspired by straps but were designed to do everything that straps do, but to achieve SO much more.

They look similar, but there are a few key differences that make Gripps far superior.

Quick and easy

Unlike straps, Versa Gripps don’t need to be wrapped around a bar multiple times before you start your set. In fact, Versa Gripps only need to achieve a partial wrap-around to be completely effective, meaning less time between sets and exercises.

Versa Gripps are also usable with just a single hand. This is a MASSIVE benefit which cannot be understated. Locking in on two dumbbells is near impossible if you need a second hand to assist with securing your grip. Or imagine securing your second hand on a barbell in anticipation of a deadlift, when your first hand is already strapped to the bar.

To make this one-handed lock-in so easy, the palm piece on Versa Gripps are self-supporting and are designed to stand up in front of your hand, making it easy to use them from day one.

The ability to lock in single-handedly works both ways, in that should you need to release your grip suddenly, simply let go. No unwrapping a strap off a bar.

They get better and better

Versa Gripps palm pieces are made from natural rubber which means that they get better with age. As a long time Versa Gripp user, the rubber on my six-year old Versa Gripps has become tacky to the touch, and there are times that I can shrug 30kg dumbbells and release my fingers around the bar entirely, with the full weight hanging entirely on the rubber and Gripp itself! How’s that for not having to worry about your grip strength.

Better for your wrists

Unlike straps, Versa Gripps offer carpal tunnel protection through a built-in arch support and deliver solid wrist protection. The thick straps offer superior wrist support for pushing exercises and countless ladies who might be more sensitive to painful wrists after having had straps cut into them, will attest to the superb levels of comfort that Versa Gripps provide.

Versa Gripps won’t cut off blood supply to your hands, pinch nerves, or cause you any discomfort whatsoever.

When used for pushing exercises, Versa Gripps can also be used in a way that offers protection for your hands, should you be concerned about developing callouses or rough hands.


On every occasion of having lifted my heaviest weight or really repped out a weight to exhaustion, it always been with my Versa Gripps, and never once have I felt any discomfort in my wrists.

Forget gloves entirely, and graduate from straps to Gripps as soon as possible. Your wrists will thank you, and the incredible confidence you’ll feel with Versa Gripps will help you lift more weight, for more reps, than you ever have before.